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inspired by Alice

Kat, of Cheshire Kat has found and made some wonderful things inspired by Alice in Wonderland, how could we not invite Alice to the tea party?

I could not be more excited about this month's theme! No books are more near and dear to my heart! I have visited Christ Church College at Oxford where Lewis Carroll lived when he wrote them, and saw the original hand written copy of Alice Underground at the British library. The story is a very big part of my life, and that is why I named my business after one of it's characters, mixed with my name of course, Kat! I thought I would share some exciting Alice-y finds with you today!

Penguin has steadily been releasing gorgeous clothbound versions of many classic books. I am constantly snapping up Alice books with interesting covers of illustrations, so I knew I needed this when I saw it.

Amazon.com has most of them for a steal, but I was unable to find Alice. However, you can pick one up at Anthropologie or modcloth.com.

I have also been drooling over the new collection of paintings by Emily Martin from the Black Apple. These are my favorites:
I can't wait till she starts selling prints!

Now of course, I have been working on my own Alice inspired products! Some bamboo and acrylic laser cut necklaces.
teapots copy
And very soon I will be releasing a super fun Alice craft kit! Here is a sneak peak:
You can create your own tiny wonderland!
Be sure to check the shop for the release of this kit. I would also love to hear about Alice items that you love!

Thanks, Kat! Given my own early nightmares, this is probably a little scary, but I like this t-shirt!


  1. I'm loving the mini wonderland kit! It would be really awesome if you can make it fish friendly- like the scene when Alice cries and cries! Then you can have real fish swimming with all of Alice's friends.

  2. The Wonderland kit is too cute, such a neat idea!

  3. I love this wonderland kit! It is really cute!! :) Great ideas, great tea party, great EVERYTHING! :)

  4. I adore Alice In Wonderland AND Emily Martin. They both make my heart smile!
    ~Andrea @ http://hecallsmewifey.blogspot.com/

  5. Love it love it love it. Love ALL of it! Thanks for sharing Kat! - and I loved that shirt too Mollie!



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