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the story of: my talented sponsors

This month, the story that I shared was about talents. But not just having talents...using them. Otherwise, what good are they? So I asked my sponsors, what talent do you think that you have, but aren't using to its fullest potential? Here's what they had to say:

hmm... well I would have to say that I'm not too shabby at taking photos^_^ My photos are generally taken for fun, but I sure do wish I had more time to take them as a side job. I love love to style shoots and to capture those special moments. Hopefully once I graduate from college, I'll be able to invest in a super nice camera and take more time to take photos. That would be just great. I think if I devoted more time and energy into growing in this area, I could be a lot better.

Visit Melisa at Pie N The Sky!

From past work experience I know that I have a talent for leadership and management. I’m great at reading people and understanding how to use their skills and talents to get the best work from them. Unfortunately, I run my own photography business now and haven’t yet reached the point where I’m busy enough to have a full-time staff. That’s probably why my husband and three-year-old think I’m bossy! I’ve got to manage someone!

Visit Maggie at Making Me Cranky!

I love working with animals, especially training them, but I spend most of my day chained to a desk and computer. I have taught my two cocker spaniel puppies several things, but there is still so much they could learn. I need to cut out some more time to work with them!

Visit Kat at Cheshire Kat!

I used to love writing short stories. When I was younger it was my number one passion. Over time, I have gotten involved with other creative projects and not put as much effort into it. I'm definitely going to start making a real effort to do it more.

Dressmaking. It’s something that I know the basics of doing and have dreamed of doing more. I have collected patterns and sketches but rarely ever sit down and complete one. Restyling vintage and sewing new dresses in vintage styles is still my main goal for Sincerely Rae.

Visit Rachael at Sincerely Rae!

I think the talent I have that isn't being used to full potential is an eye for design. I used to draw and paint and design a lot but now I've become more connected to sewing and crafting. I'm searching for inspiration though and am getting back into drawing trees, which used to be one of my favorite sources of inspiration. :)

Visit Amina at Of Cats and Crafts!

I used to be a singer. I mean, I CAN sing ... but it's like a muscle - you have to USE it to keep it in shape. Sometimes it makes me a bit sad that I'm no longer in a choir or have reason to sing on a regular basis. But I love that it's the kind of skill I can jump right back into as soon as I have time.

As soon as I answer this question I'm gonna get the conviction to start using it! (which, by the way, is a good thing...) Up until now, I have not been using my writing to its fullest potential. The good news is, that blogging has re-awakened this dormant talent. What can I tell you, there's more to come! xo

Visit Andee at Bearing Fruit!

Growing up, I didn't really consider needle arts and sewing a talent. I thought it was something that everyone did with more or less the same degree of skill. Over time I did learn that I was very good at it, but life after college didn't leave me much time to work at it. I'm so happy to have the time to expand on this talent now, and I'm excited to see where it takes me!

Visit Anita at Sew, Vintage, So Fun!

Oh, and don't miss my other talented sponsors!

Kam (she can stitch and camp...at the same time!)
Mitzi (she just found a way to make a knit metal heart!)
Talia (she has a newly found talent for free-motion quilting!)
Cristina (she has a gift for finding the prettiest things that people are making!)
Isabela (she's not just creative, but she's got a head for numbers too!)
Michelle (she can crochet a mean granny square...er...a nice granny square?!)
Paige (she is able to look young and mature at the same time...nice!)
Stacey (she is doing something completely selfless right now...see this post...and that is an amazing gift!)

I'll be back later with my own response to this, plus some talented friends!

But how about you? What talent do you have, but need to use more?


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