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the story of: my talented friends

Did you know that down under the sponsors in my sidebar, there's a section called "friends"? These are some fine folks that I've gotten to know online, and they have some true talent! Like I did with my sponsors, I asked them what talent do you think that you have, but aren't using to its fullest potential? Here's what I heard...

These days, almost all of my creative energy is poured into my chosen career: illustration. And I love it. But sometimes it makes me sad that I don't have time to enjoy being creative in other ways any more, particularly making music (I play cello, saxophone and flute).

Visit Katie at Katie Green Bean!

Organizational skills!! For years I've loved rearranging rooms and organizing things. Then I became a teacher and got to organize classrooms and people's days, it was great. Organized a wedding, honeymoon and got ready for a baby. Then the organization kind of got lost. Add another baby, a blog and an Etsy shop and organization has sort of fizzled in my life. But hey, the kids will grow up some day right? *fingers crossed*

Visit Tara at Sew Tara! (she even show you how to make the headband she's sporting!)

I think I have a talent to creatively write, but have found myself at a standstill for awhile. I really miss the assignments and challenges from my high school English classes and I really want to sit down and focus on some poetry.

Visit Kara at I Just Might Explode!

Don't miss the very-talented Michelle, and the always-dedicated Annalea!

And finally...

I've been told that I have a gift for teaching, and although I get to use that talent in different ways here and there, I miss out on chances for this. Most of the time it comes down to making time for it. It's easy to get caught up in all the other stuff, ya know?

Now, if you didn't get a chance to answer when I asked in my last post, we all really want to know...is there a gift or talent that you need to hone or use more? We promise to only be encouraging!


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