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One of the things that I don't like about Pintrest is that after much "re-pinning" it can be difficult to find the real source of what you've pinned. Some things are almost impossible, and that's not fair for the creators of that work. Still, I love that you can find lots of inspiration. Before I go and publish it here, however, I like to find the owner and get permission.

Just yesterday, I found this fun breakfast piece, and fortunately, I could get to the website that it came from. (Be aware, there are a few pieces with a bit of nudity.) Andrea Berretta has some really, really great artwork, and I wanted to share it here. He was kind enough to let me post his illustration, Genesis 1:1-3. Don't you love the lines and colors and the entire feeling of the piece? Thanks, Andrea for inspiring!

Want to see some other art and illustration pins that are making me happy right now?


  1. Anonymous1:40 PM

    tineye.com can help with that. You can reverse photo search! :)


  2. I really like that piece. The colors are so whimsical! Very good find! Thanks for sharing.



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