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feeling musical

From out of nowhere, yesterday was a day when I got into a musical kind of mood. I always love music, but I was caught differently. It's probably been coming on for a while, but yesterday was when I decided to do something about it. And I think it's due to these lovely folks:
(Press Photo. Credit: Danny Renshaw)

The Welcome Wagon has been on near-constant rotation lately and every time I listen, I find new things to love. Vito and Monique Aiuto are so real, and their music is both simple and rich at the same time. I was watching some YouTube videos of them in live shows, and was even more charmed. Unfortunately, I was unable to see them when they played a show nearby, because I know it would have been thoroughly enjoyable.

Anyway, on a whim, I ordered a glockenspiel yesterday. It looks just like Monique's, and I think it will be fun. Perhaps even something that I can play when I sing with the pre-schoolers at church. Oh yeah, and then I pulled out the ukulele to get to practicing that. See? I'm jumping into one of my goals for the year!

Also, while in a musical mood, I bought tickets to see a completely different kind of show at the end of May. Because I'm cool like that. (I'll bring my brother along so it seems less strange for me to be there...but secretly, I'll be loving every moment!)

Finally, don't miss all of the posts from yesterday. There is plenty of time to enter all of the giveaways from Michelle, Anita, Kara, Claire, Melisa, Mitzi, Rachael, and Maggie. Plus, the lovely things from Kat and Katie. We had a busy day!


  1. Is it nerdy that I'm completely jealous that you're going to see Weird Al?

  2. No, it makes us equally awesome!

  3. i love their EP and it goes to such a great cause!

  4. Oh! The Welcome Wagon! They are so cute! I love their music too. Good luck with the gloc!


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