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the story of: sneaking away

Each month, I ask my wonderful sponsors a question, and lately, it has been related to the story of the month. This time around, we have 12 princesses sneaking off to dance all night and wear out their shoes. Now, if I was a princess, this wouldn't be what I would sneak away to, but they went with what worked for them. I asked my sponsors, and I'd like to ask you too,

If you were to sneak away from everyday life, where would you go and what would you do?

Moe from Five Sixteenths Blog: If I could sneak away from everyday life it would be to a secret place, like that of the sisters, of my own. Realistically it would be my own studio, which I don't have right now. I have so many interests that the studio would have to be huge & have a closet full of awesome vintage clothes to wear. Maybe it'd have a space for dancing too, only I'll try not to ruin my shoes!

Paige from Pink Lemonade: I would go to a blogging conference!! I have my eyes set on Blissdom 2012!! :)

Andee from Bearing Fruit: There are so many places I'd like to go! But if I'm really going to sneak away from everyday life, I'd like to go back in time to the 1950s. In my version of the fantasy, everything I find, I get to bring back with me...so I would shop till I drop and collect dresses, tops, pants, aprons, shoes, accessories. I'd go to thrift stores so I could grab cool stuff from the 1920s, 30s and 40s. I'd also gobble up records from doo-wop artists and catch some live performances. Elvis and Buddy Holly for sure, but I'd also sneak out to catch doo-wop groups the Crests, the Del Vikings and the Larks.

Talia from Life's Visual Journal: I would definitely go back to Paris and buy beautiful things. I regret not buying more of the lovely things I saw in the shops last time I was there. Going back and indulging myself by being surrounded by beautiful things would definitely be the perfect escape!

Photo Credit: Michael Busselle/Stone/Getty Images
Nichole from I Was Only Stitching: If I were to sneak away from everyday life, I would go to England and audition for a small part in one of my favorite British dramas, and then traipse around the country with my camera and snap up as many photos as I can of all the beautiful English gardens and countryside.

Anita from Sew Vintage, Sew Fun: I love the story of the 12 dancing princesses! When I was a little girl I dreamt of sneaking away to dance all night with my handsome prince. And that is something that my sister and I would have done, given the opportunity! If I could sneak away from every day life right now, I would go pick up my love from work and head straight to a quiet island for a few days on the beach, enjoying the sand and sun and water. For me, there is nothing better!

Michelle from Crafty Dill: My hideaway would definitely be the lake house belonging my husband's aunt and uncle that is located on Woman Lake- a few hours north of Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is a place of tranquility where the trees protect me from the outside world and the water is always drawing me to sit close or come in and play. I read A LOT, kayak, canoe, sit and listen to the water, and watch the loons, eagles and osprey. This place is perfect for clearing my head, gathering my thoughts and removing creative barriers. It really is a wonderful place to get away from everyday life!

Amina from Of Cats and Crafts: Sooo if I could escape from everyday life, I would literally just lock myself away in the crafting corner of my apartment for days and sew/blog/craft! And then after a few days, I'd emerge and go to the Botanical Gardens in DC, my favorite spot for inspiration, and draw and take pictures of flowers!

Isabela from Ooh Leela!: I would go to Italy, to do some soul searching, meet family members and eat tons of pasta!

Kam from Campfire Chic: If I could sneak away from everyday life, I would lose myself in a used bookstore with the fella in this photo. I would bring sandwiches, a comfy pillow, and we would spend all day among the stacks. I love the smell of books, and love getting lost in a good book. The perfect way to escape.

Amy from Lemon and Raspberry: If I could sneak away from everyday life...I'd do one of two things - depending on who was paying for it :) I would *love* to be able to travel everywhere...Seeing the historic, touristy sites of Paris and playing backgammon in Turkey. I'd love to be able to to just photograph, and meet people and experience the culture around the world. Of course, I would also love to just take a day off from all my responsibilities and spend the whole day on the couch watching old, classic movies. Either would be a completely satisfying way to sneak away!

kat and i at renegade
Kat from Chesire Kat: I would grab my best guy and head for Europe. England, France, Ireland, Scotland, Italy. My fiance Christopher has never been out of the country! We are getting married in the fall and it would make a fabulous honeymoon!

Melisa from Pie n' the Sky: If I were to sneak away from everyday life there would be so much that I would want to do! Part of me would want to go antiquing, play on the computer at Starbucks, craft in my room and spend time with my Mr and then the other part of me would want to do absolutely nothing, like go to a park and write a song. I've been enjoying this week of Spring Break because it kinda has been my sneaking away from everyday life! I've been spending wonderful time with family and friends^_^

Cristina from Craftee: If I were to sneak away from everyday life just for a little bit, I think I would go to Disneyland or Disney World and have a nice, vacation just like when I was a kid! If I were to sneak away from everyday life permanently I think I would like to move away to Vancouver, BC and become a whale watching guide. I think it would be pretty much the coolest job on the planet!

Daphne from Sunrise Folk: I would escape to a beach house directly on the beach (preferably on stilts for an even better view!), at a time of year warm enough to throw open the windows and smell/feel the sea breeze, but cool enough at night to wear a chunky wool sweater and drink hot cuppas o' tea....preferably just one big room with all my craft stuff and lots of light. I would then proceed to just craft the days and nights away...

Tara from Sew Tara: I think right now I'd run off to a giant bathtub with a book and a nice big comfy bed after. I need a break and some quiet. I've been pretty tired lately and since it's March break my opinion might be biased right now!

Stacey from Morning by Morning:
Well, Stacey didn't have an answer, but could I say that I would love to sneak away to her house? She has lots of pretty Pyrex, and she is always taking old things and making them new and lovely! It would be such a fun thing to escape to!

Now, dear readers, add your thoughts to this list! If you were to sneak away from everyday life, where would you go and what would you do?


  1. Awesome responses :) Thanks for letting us share our stories, Mollie!

  2. adorable .... how much fun!

  3. Anonymous7:39 PM

    I'd go to the farthest place away and walk around taking photos until I got home again.


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