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family week: family faith

I couldn't have a Family Week here on Wild Olive without actually getting some family involved. It took a bit of convincing (and attempting to keep the kids quiet long enough for her to write this!), but my mom is here with some excellent resources for keeping faith at the heart of your family.
one of the family bookshelves
The most important thing to me as a mom is keeping my children's hearts. I'm always looking for resources and ideas to help me on my journey as a mom, and our family's journey of faith. At this point in our family's life, the following links have been a source of help and encouragement.

The Doorposts blog is a great resource for parenting. It has ideas blending scripture with family life, and is kind and gentle, and home and family centered. Their main site has even more resources, including a store filled with fantastic family finds.

Splink is a weekly newsletter/devotional that sparks ideas for family faith talks. The ideas are simple and even car-friendly!

When I want to feel guilty, I visit Vibrant Faith Ministries. It makes me aware of conversations that need to be happening in my home on a daily basis. Their store has faith-talk starters, and the articles by Marilyn Sharpe in the download section are especially insightful.

Family Time Training is the work of Kirk Weaver, a man who is passionate about family time. You can find many free ideas here, as well as products and a subscription program giving you access to over 200 activities. We own many of the books, some are as old as Mollie!

And here are some books that I continually refer to, keeping them handy at all times:
Spiritual Parenting by Michelle Anthony
Family Traditions by J. Otis Ledbetter and Tim Smith
Visionary Parenting by Dr. Rob Rienow

Thanks, Mom! Without your amazing example, I might never have seen how important it is to walk with Jesus every day.


  1. What a wonderful resource you've put together - thanks for sharing!

    And I love your 'granny square' blanket made by your great-grandmother. A wonderful family treasure... as a child I had a granny square poncho made by my grandmother, but it has long since gone...

  2. What an awesome list of resources. Thanks for inviting your mom to share, Mollie. And the best props you can give your mom is in your note at the bottom, that her example taught you the importance of walking with Jesus every day. Amen to that!
    xo Andee

  3. Thank you for this! We are a catholic family with only an almost one year old right now so I haven't had to start these conversations yet, but it is good to have resources and be prepared!


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