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I'm about to share something with you that is potentially embarrassing. But this is a personal blog, so I feel that sharing this personal thing about me is good. Nay, necessary.

Frequently, I use the word "yay" in my online writings. In comments, emails, status updates, and blog posts. And while it may seem like I'm just saying "Yay!", there's more going on in my head.
When I type "Yay!", I picture Kermit the Frog. I hear him saying, "Yaaaaaayyyyy!" and waving his arms all over the place like crazy. Recently I described this to my sister, but it required more than words, so I did a little impression. I didn't see it, but I can only imagine what I looked like. And now it has become a thing. A scary thing that makes her laugh every time.

I fear that videotaping me doing this impression would kill my readership (I'd like you to have at least a little respect for me), so you just have to know that when I say, "Yay!", I really am quite excited. Really.



  1. Ha ha ha ha!!! That's AweSomE!!!!
    I love that you shared this and I love that Yay! means Yaaaaaayyyyyyy!!!!!!

    I totally get it and RelaTe. Gulp! Perhaps I have just divulged too much myself? tee hee!

    Love it! Love it!!!

    (as you can tell, I use entirely too many exclamation points on a regular basis due to my excitable nature)

  2. The Muppet Show is my all time favorite and I have several seasons of it on DVD, so I totally get the Kermit the Frog Yay thing! I love your little graphic there too...but a video would be much more meaningful. I think we'd still have some respect for you...maybe!


  3. LOL that is totally awesome and really made me smile :D

  4. LOVE!!!! (Kermit rocks, and so do you!)

  5. Ah, this just made my morning. :)

  6. Never feel embarrassed about the 'Kermit YAY.' If something really excites me, I often say 'Yaaaaaay!' and my husband follows me up with 'Kermit arms!' This simply saves me from doing the movement myself. It may be dorky, but its the little things in life that make us smile. :)

  7. Whenever I excitedly share something with my boyfriend Fraser he always responds with a kermit, "Yaaaayy" and arm flail. You are certainly not the only one!

  8. he he. I totally day it *all the time*, too, so over the holidays when drawing my most recent tattoo and wondering what the banner by my cute octopus should say, I wrote 'yay'! lol. Now, it's forever on my forearm. Funniest part was, I said it fifty thousand times while getting it done...lol. I'm with ya! :) Yay!

  9. Haha! Now whenever I see/hear/say "Yay", I'm going to want to do it in a Kermit way.


  10. yes! Yay is probably my most overused word & I'm totally okay with that!

  11. YAY...I have used an old post of yours on my blog...I've used a picture too...you can see it here:
    I hope it's okay, if not, comment on my blog and i will remove it!

  12. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Hahaha, every time I see someone type "Yaaaaaay!" all I can think about is Kermit and his flailing arms. I can't find the large version, but this gif is one of my favorite things to come out of the internet: http://dft.ba/-kermit

  13. ah don't feel silly. That's commonly and lovingly referred to as Kermit Flail!

  14. I love this! esp after finally watching the new Muppet Movie on Saturday (yes the word 'finally' is necessary bc I've been gleefully anticipating it since the first teaser trailers!). I laughed, I cried, it was awesome.
    I think I need to print your Kermit banner out for my work notebook: gritty days in store this month.


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