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There have been times when I wished that I had learned a language as a child. I've also wished that I had taken more than one semester of Spanish in college. Never before have I wished that I could read/write/type Chinese. Until today.

I just spent a good chunk of time tracing/outlining Chinese characters that I was unable to simply type because, well, there are just too many to search through and try to match if you don't know what you're doing. Just one of the interesting, yet tedious things that comes along in my "real job".

For now, the only kind of Chinese that I want to look at is Panda Express.


  1. Oh my, how cute is your lil take-out box? :) he he. And I've heard Chinese is *so hard* to learn! I've been dying to learn Italian myself, as of late, but I can't even master the tongue-rolling of my hubby's native language, Bulgarian. lol. I'm doomed! Someday, I hope. :)

  2. I learn 3 languages: French, german and Chinese! I've done French for the longest and could survive in France talking to people now, german is ok it's quite difficult, and Chinese! I've only learnt it for 2 weeks but it's much easier than it seems!!! It is really logical, and has hardly any grammar!!! 中文!


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