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make: an embroidered yoyo button pin

yoyo pin
The other day my mom was talking about how she had blue ice skates when she was little, and how she loved them so much. So as a little package topper, I made her a blue ice skate pin (mind you, this was before I even started her actual gift!).

This is really easy to do, and certainly not my own idea. It's one of those things that I probably saw somewhere and was filed away in my brain. But now you can make one, or file it away in your own brain...

Here's what you'll need: fabric to embroider, embroidery floss, fabric-covered button kit, fabric for making a yoyo, hot glue, pin back

YIP2010 - 334
Start by making a teeny tiny embroidery that will fit your button size. The ice skate was from my Advent Tinies collection, but I shrunk it down even smaller. This one is 1/2" to go on a 7/8" button.

yoyo pin pieces
Follow the instructions with your button kit to make your embroidered button. Then make a fabric yoyo. Heather Bailey has an excellent tutorial.

yoyo pin assembly
Now, attach the button to the center of the yoyo. I started out by stitching it, so that it is nice and secure, but it leaves things still loose as you can see. So, add some hot glue under the button to keep everything held in place. (You could probably forgo the sewing, but I would hate for my mom to lose that button...)

yoyo pin back
Attach the pin back to the back side of the yoyo with some hot glue. I realize this is less elegant than stitching, and you are welcome to hand sew this on before you complete the yoyo. (And yes, I see the contradiction here with my above comments, but I trust this pin back/fabric combo more than the button for some reason...)

yoyo pin
Done, and ready to adorn a package, and eventually (hopefully!) my mom's winter coat.

These would be really fun to try with a variety of sizes. As in, I have these really big buttons to cover, and I think that with just a bit of yoyo poking out, they would look quite different. You could also make them smaller, and use them on rings, or hair clips, or...you get the idea!


  1. Probably a silly question. How did you make the pattern smaller?

  2. Not a silly question...in fact I really need to address this in a bigger way.

    I made my original artwork smaller, so I kinda cheated. But what you can do is print the pattern page, then reduce the size on a scanner or copier. For this one, it was reduced to about 45%.

  3. How cute! I love it!!


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