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the virtue of wisdom...

Wisdom - a free pattern

Happy April Fool's Day! I had thought about playing a big prank on you, my lovely blog readers, but decided against it. Instead, I made you this new virtue pattern! What could be more perfect to go with a day of celebrating foolishness, than a pattern for wisdom?!?

We often think of smart people wearing glasses, and so we have some glasses here. But I think that wise people know when to laugh. So that works well for today. And for joke glasses. And perhaps a whoopie cushion. I'm not so sure about the wisdom in that, but I'm sure it's there too. We'll go with the whole laughing idea again.

Anyway, you can get the pattern in different sizes by clicking the image and heading to Flickr.

PS: Are you playing any jokes on anyone this year?


  1. Oh, goodness - this is rad. I might just need to embroider it for my wall of kooky embroidered things. :) I love it to bits!

  2. I was checking my links for a Roundup and realized I never commented on this. It totally cracked me up. I love your take on April Fools. I didn't get pranked and I didn't prank anyone. It was a fun day to be on the internet though. =) Thanks so much for this, I'll be linking.


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