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a stitching game...

One of my goals for the year was to create a game. And I have. Sort of.

I don't drink alcohol, so I've never played a drinking game. But the idea is interesting to me. When I read about Leethal's Game Knitting, this idea really hit me. But it wasn't until recently that I got to thinking about how this could be applied to embroidery. And so, I present A Stitching Game.

spongebob stitching
The idea is simple: start stitching, change stitches when something specific happens. This embroidery was done while watching Spongebob Squarepants. I began with back stitch. Then changed to split stitch when Gary said "Meow". I changed colors at the end of an episode, but continued in split. When Spongebob said, "I'm Ready!" I switched to chain stitch, and so on. I was waiting to hear "tartar sauce," but no one said it while I was watching.

So, you get the idea. Now, what do you think? Would you like to play along with me?

I've created a PDF with eight patterns. They are somewhat abstract, simple enough to use basic stitches and not requiring LOTS of attention. Along with these patterns are instructions and a few examples of stitches to use with shows and audio cues. (So you don't miss a cue, even when you are looking at your work!)

If you set up cues and stitches for your favorite show/movie, feel free to post them here. (Just please keep them rated PG) When you've stitched things up, post them to Flickr, and tag them "stitchinggame".

Ready? Download A Stitching Game!


  1. I am positively giddy about this idea!!! What fun -- I can't wait to start playing :-)

  2. What a great idea! These will make perfect wall art for my new family room. Thank you so much!

  3. what a delight! i love this idea.

  4. What a great idea! Thanks so much for sharing it...and I love the bones to go with "Bones"! lol! Now I'm trying to figure out my own game to go with "Law and Order", and one to go with "Criminal Minds". lol!

  5. oh law in order -- switch when you hear "DUM DUM" of course!

  6. This is so awesome! I may have to do this with the Star Trek movie... I'll just find the drinking game that goes with and assign everything different stitches, haha.

  7. Love It!!! There are only a few hours of "24" left but one stitch could be assigned to when Jack whisper yells "Drop your weapon!' and one for A Chloe scowl and one for when I say to Hubby "I don't trust that guy (or gal)"

  8. For the Back to the Future trilogy (always a favorite at our house). Some of these work best for the whole trilogy, while some are only good for one specific film (and you'll know which one). Change things up:

    - When Doc says "Great Scott!"

    - When Marty says "This is heavy."

    - When Marty curses (boy's got a bit of a potty mouth!)

    - When Biff ends up covered in manure

    - When people make remarks about Marty's clothes

    - When Lorraine flirts with Marty, not realizing that he's her future son

    - Every time a song starts in the background (from the Howdy Doody theme to the awesome Huey Lewis and the News soundtrack)

    - Every time the camera pans or zooms to focus on the clock tower.

    - Every time you see a cheesy cowboy-movie convention (saved from a hanging, challenge to a duel, etc.)

    - Every time Marty comes this close to screwing up the space-time continuum.


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