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a new spring coffee cuff...

coffee cuff

About a year and a half ago, I made a coffee cuff for myself. You can find all of the details, pictures and pattern here. Since then I've made a few more with that pattern, but I've continued to use my wintery cuff all year round. I decided it was time for a new spring coffee accessory for myself.

When I stitched up the March Woodlanders pattern (see the sidebar for the download), I knew that it would be for this, so I placed on a piece of canvas appropriately.

coffee cuff pieces

Cut out one embroidered piece, and one piece of felt. For the coffee cuff pattern, I used my original pattern, but adjusted it a bit. I made it just a little longer, and took away the tapered end. Instead of overlapping, this one has a tab that sticks out, so I played around with how it would fit.

coffee cuff trimming

Cut the embroidered piece down just a little. About 1/8" all around. Because this is canvas and it frays easily, I sealed the edges of the fabric.

coffee cuff sewing

Pin the two pieces together and sew them at the top and bottom with a running stitch.

coffee cuff

Fold it in half and sew it together about 1/4" in from the edge. (I tried it around a Starbucks cup before I sewed it, just to be sure.)

coffee cuff

Slide it onto your favorite coffee (or tea), and enjoy!

This is finished just in time...today the weather is warm enough for walking to Starbucks! (If only I had time to actually take that walk today...)


  1. Wonderful! I am totally going to give this a try. I love your moss on a non-rolling stone...too cute!

  2. Oh goodness, Mollie, this is adorable!!!


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