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warm up my coffee...

Coffee cuff

My Miffed Mitten embroidery is all done, and now it is a coffee cuff! I think that I will wait a while before using this, because, well, mittens and the color scheme should not be seen until it gets colder...like, after Thanksgiving. But I was needing to stitch up the new pattern, and this seemed like a perfect useful item to add it to. Plus, coffee cuff sounded simple.

The thing is, I couldn't find a for real pattern online. Sure, there were knitting/crochet patterns (not what I wanted), and even tutorials, but no pattern for a basic fabric cuff/sleeve. Everything I found said, use a sleeve from your favorite coffee shop. So I went to Starbucks. Guess what? It wasn't a size I liked! So I took it and modified the size a bit. And now, a super simplified tutorial (with template) on how I made mine:

Miffed mitten

1. I started by stitching my design onto a piece of plain fabric that was about 4.5 x 11 inches.

2. Then I fused that piece to some wool felt that was the same size, using double sided fusible web.

3. Next, I cut out my shape using this template and my scallop shears.

4. To avoid fraying, I sealed the edges with clear nail polish (I wasn't in the mood to go out and buy real Fray Check).

5. Finally, I wrapped the cuff into its cuff shape, and sewed it closed.

Coffee cuff backside

Pretty simple. Honestly, I'm not sure how it will hold up long term, and how I'll go about cleaning it when needed. But this was a fast project, so if it only lasts me one winter season, I'm okay with that. Now, I just need a nice latte to try it out...


  1. I would love to make one of these because your coffee cuff came out perfectly!! :) So sweet! Thank you for the tutorial! And I love that you used clear nail polish.. lol! xoxo

  2. This is too cute!!!


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