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my wish list...

YIP2010 - 025

You know how Amazon has that wish list feature? Life needs one of those. And then people could just check in and see what you'd like for your life, and take care of those things. Here's what my list would look like:

Get rid of the annoying little work things that pop up.

Feel well enough to sit at the computer long enough to get some good work done. (see image above)

a) Have all of my messes cleaned up and organized, or
b) Not be the kind of person that lets the messes get to the point they are at.

Have someone to look after my business finances, because I fear that I don't care enough.

Brighter January days.

a) Look more put together without thinking about it, or
b) Care enough to not just throw myself together.

See that the things that I'd like for my life are progressing.

and since this is a rather selfish list, I'll throw in one more...

Make everything in the world right and as it should be.

Surely I'm not the only one with a list like this...what would you put on your life's wish list?


  1. I would wish to lose my procrastination gene. I'm so prone to worrying something to death instead of just getting it done with.

    I'm messy too - so easily sidetracked!


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