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hearts day origami paper...

Hearts Day Origami Paper

Since paper folding has been a little obsession for me lately (I like looking at it and thinking about it even more than folding it!), I wanted to help share that love a little more. I used some of my Hearts Day illustrations to make my own printable origami paper!

Now you can fold little designs that feature little designs! And of course, you could use these printable patterns for other things too. Just please don't use them for commercial purposes.

There are two PDF files. The first has the top two designs, and the second has the bottom two designs.

If only my printer was up and running right now, I would get to folding!


  1. You are so darn creative (and funny) to boot! I love that you have been dreaming of origami, I should look for the origami pad I got from the Hello Kitty folk for you, they had instructions on how to make mini boxes, it was cuuute....

  2. My sister got an origami kit when we were kids and I remember being fascinated by the pretty paper. Years later I claimed what was left to use with my preschool class but I don't think I ever actually cut it up for art projects. I bet it's still in a box somewhere. Thanks for sharing your pretty paper, Mollie!

  3. Anonymous8:00 AM

    Loving the candy heart print!! You are a joy to read :) x

  4. Just discovered your blog on your etsy page! Great blog! I love your shop and thanks for the patterns!

  5. Super cute designs, thanks for the downloads. I love origami...always fascinating and amazing to me!

  6. cute cute cute! thanks for sharing these. your blog is beautiful!


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