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a december workshop for you...


This one is super simple, because, well, it's December, and I've been doing a lot of making lately (in fact, I'll be back later with a post of all that this elf has been up to!). This painting is easy enough for anyone to make. Really!

I made an egg for my papa, because he loves chickens, but it can be customized to be whatever simple object is suitable for your recipient. Or yourself!

And if you have more ideas for making little paintings like this, feel free to share them here!

1 comment:

  1. Cool, thanks for sharing your process! I also like to collage a simple shape from pretty patterned papers onto a painted canvas. It's a nice way to create a cute piece for decoration and gifts! As you noted, simple shapes work best, like a silhouette, when collaging. ciao ciao!


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