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help for me...a download for you...

Wonderful friends of Wild Olive:

You know how I talked not too long ago about having some Spoonflower fabric printed? Well, I've started working on designs, and plan on ordering some samples tomorrow during their free swatch offer. In the meantime, they opened up their Christmas fabric contest to anyone. I've entered, and my Cookies for Santa pattern is in the first round of the contest! Here's what it looks like:

Would you be a dear and go and vote for me? Please? If I win, I'll receive some free fabric, plus the fabric will be available in the Spoonflower Etsy shop for a while, and anyone can buy it! Woo Hoo!

Now, something for you.

I'm all about the index cards right now (it's the back to school spirit!), so I've made some Ice Cream Socializers printable index cards. Download yours here!

Thank you in advance!


  1. to vote foryou was the absolute minimum that I could do for you as a thank you for all your amazing gifts to us all!! so THANK YOU all the way from darkest africa...Cleo

  2. Just went and voted for you, but wanted to tell you I really, really do like yours best, super cute!

  3. vote for you! :)

    Thank for you for free cute index!

  4. You got my vote! Question: are the free swatches only for your own designs or can you order swatches of someone else's design?

  5. Thank you so much!

    Lydia: I think that the free swatches are only for designs that you upload. Right now there isn't a way to order fabric from others.

    But if you're interested, I'm considering ordering this fabric and making some fat quarters available in my shop.

  6. If we're interested? I am! My oldest daughter thinks we should wrap all our Christmas presents in it this year. :-D

    I voted for you but like the others said--yours was clearly the best.

    Thanks for the ice cream!

  7. Cutest fabric ever, I love it! I love that you could cut out the cookies and makes stuffed cookie ornaments. And the card is sweet too. I'll be linking. And voting. =)

  8. Your fabric is so cute - and thank you for the download!


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