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in the works...

my new project...

Hello friends! Sometimes I like to keep new projects a secret, sometimes I like to tease, and other times I just have to tell all. This new thing I'm working on is a tell all project.

For the August Make. Do. Create. workshop, I wanted to use buttons in some way. So I've created some little patterns to stitch woodland creatures with button bodies. Today I'll be doing some stitching and taking pictures along the way...I can't wait!

Also in the works, I need to come up with a fun new printable for September's Sampler. I'm leaning towards something Christmas, as this is typically a good time for that. But...I don't know. I'd much rather choose something fall-ish. Thoughts?

Speaking of new printables, right now in the shop, you can get a free Homework Helpers printable index card PDF with any purchase! And tomorrow you can get Ice Cream Socializers index cards here!

But when it comes to things being in the works, how about something that NEEDS to be in the works. Like my sister's birthday gift. Anna turns 22 in 9 days, and although I kind of started something big, I know that it just won't come together that fast. Instead, I have another thought for a bunch of small fast things. I really must work on this, or else become a horrible sister!

I hope you have some fun things in the works right now...care to share?



  2. LOVE this stitchy button idea! Can't wait to see the final pattern!

  3. OK, I'm not going to lie- honestly, I would LOVE to see something Fall from you! You've got a few Christmas things already but like an acorn and a few different leaves, maybe pilgrim hats/ feathers. Just some ideas for you.

  4. Thanks!

    1. The Button Buddies pattern is now available in the free August Workshop.

    2. Liz: I have already made some fall characters. They are in the Harvesters pattern, now back in the shop. I will have some others soon!


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