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Measurable Bracelet

This month's characteristic is Measurable Measuring Tape, so to go along with him, the workshop has the tutorial for making this Measurable Bracelet! It is really easy to make, but is one of my new favorite accessories. If you're a crafter, this is a great way to show off your hobby. Plus, you can take it off and actually use it for measuring smallish things!

My dear sister modeled this for me, and after finishing taking the photos, she walked off wearing it. Hey! I may be terrible, but I really did make her give it back. I'm not all bad though...I promised to make one for her too. One that actually fits her tiny little wrist!

Download the workshop here or from the sidebar. And when you make one, take a picture and add it to the Wild Olive flickr group! Then we can all see the different interpretations of this...I know that it is something that everyone can make their own.


  1. I know what I'll be making soon!

  2. Ohhh...I wonder if the dollar store is open this weekend. Great project!

  3. Anonymous10:01 AM

    Where can I find a cloth tape measure? I work in the apparel industry...this is a perfect accessory for me and the girls on my team!

  4. The cloth tape measure that I used was a vintage one that I've had for some time. For one like this I would suggest flea markets, garage sales, or eBay. But you could also use the coated ones that they sell at places like Joann.com


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