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to do...

1) Finish stitching up the new embroidery pattern. (the cookie outlines are done, but still need details and their plate)

2) Upload picture of yummy cupcakes.

3) Complete new Harvesters printable files for a Thanksgiving kit and stationery. (nearly there)

4) Decide best way to build email list to update folks about news and specials in the shop.

5) Wait excitedly for new aviator bunny pattern to come in the mail from Wee Wonderfuls. (she's only a few towns away, but the mail routes further away before finding its way here)

6) Get started on stitching coasters and napkins for Thanksgiving. (because 12 coaster and 12 napkins could take a while)

7) Figure out if this is possible to do before October 1 (wait, that's Wednesday!)

1 comment:

  1. YAY!!! :)
    (see one of my most recent posts)


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