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blending in...

Here's where I reveal my often cruel sense of humor. Some time ago, I discovered a website that gave me, and many others, a good laugh. Actually, I was sure that I had shared it here, but a quick search didn't turn it up. So it's time you were privy to this source of sometimes downright mean hilarity.

Dean and Nigel Blend In is the website of two blokes who use props, facial expressions and creativity to mimic people on the streets. And then they take pictures. And then they add captions. Yes, this is not always kind, but it is funny. Especially because they are just so good at it. They've recently updated their website to include a new look, new pictures, and new features (like adding your own blending in photos, or creating captions for theirs!).

Now, please forgive me for enjoying poking fun at someone...


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