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Spell Check?

Amazingly enough, I haven't visited the college I went to since my last day of school about this time last year. I didn't go to graduation, I haven't stopped to see friends still attending, and I didn't even pick up my degree. Mind you, it's only 20 minutes away, but it just didn't seem a priority. I've been busy!

So when I decided to go back and take some more classes, and perhaps continue my education, I thought I should at least get a copy of my degree. You know, that way it feels a little more official. So I get it, they put it in a nice folder, and I'm on my way. But on closer inspection, I notice something. My degree with a focus on desktop publishing has a typo. A TYPO! It reads "Desktop Pubilshing." PubILshing! What does it say about your college if they can't spell your degree correctly? How embarrassing.


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