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An interest in robots?

I was never all that into robots, but even since I started visiting RobotJohnny.com, I've become a fan. I'm amazed by all of the shapes, sizes, and styles that people come up with in their illustrations. And I really enjoyed the display of tin toys and robots that I saw at Disney World last year.

As it was spring break around here last week, I took a couple young friends to see the movie Robots. I figured it would be amusing and at the very least, interesting to see all of the little bots. Well, I'm glad that I only paid matinee prices. It was full of cheap laughs, and lacked the heart and writing talents that Pixar movies contain. But I was right in that it was visually interesting. So much attention to detail. Bottom line, it was average.

One good part was that I came home and decided to take a shot at drawing some robots of my own, which I've never done before. So I now have some pencil drawings and one Illustrator rough. I like how it looks so far, so when it's done, I'll probably post it here. And now, I'm off to work on that...Signing off!


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