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Why punish me?

To the person or persons that decided that DVDs are the perfect way to give people special features: I offer my most sincere thanks. Special features are the greatest. I could sit and watch the extras on Monster's Inc. and Big Fish for hours. And I have.

To the person or persons that decided that "interactive menus" are a special feature: You're wrong. That just doesn't excite me. Neither does the theatrical trailer. I've seen it.

To the person or persons that are trying to rip me off by releasing "Special Edition" DVDs: Stop trying to rip me off! I went out and bought the DVD when it was released. So why are you messing with me by releasing a new set with an extra disc? Meet the Parents? Pirates of the Carribean? I can't keep buying double! Just give me all of the good stuff right from the beginning! Don't punish me for buying early!

Thank you for listening.


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