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pattern // kawaii crossing valentine chocolatier cross stitch

February's Kawaii Crossing (unfinished) Cross Stitch

It's nearly mid-February, and that means you probably should have thought about a gift for your sweetheart by now. Even if you're your own sweetheart. It also means that I probably should release a new pattern which you could, if you hurry, stitch for your sweetheart (or at least gift yourself some stitching time).

So today I present to you the cross stitch pattern for the Kawaii Crossing Chocolatier! My stitching time has been limited, which you may have surmised from the photo above. Perhaps I need to have a stitching night on the 14th?

I really love the idea of going to a chocolate shop that looks like a box of chocolates, don't you? Also, true story: I considered putting a chocolate fountain in the window of the shop, but I skipped it because I think they're gross. Maybe I watch Augustus Gloop gulping down and falling into chocolate in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory too many times.

Anyway, right next to the sewing shop is the chocolatier, and you can add it to your growing design or stitch it on its own. I'll make you actually click on the PDFs to see what I haven't yet stitched.

calendar // february's kawaii crossing chocolatier wallpaper

Friends, I love February. I love that in a month that is still usually very gray and snowy where I live, it's also a month of pink and hearts. I've said it before and I'll say it again...this is all very lovely and I am here for it.

This is also an excellent month for chocolate. Which is why the newest Kawaii Crossing shop is a chocolatier! And it happens to look a whole lot like a box of Valentine chocolates. Although, honestly, anyone who wants to give me a box of chocolates can make it a heart box any time of year. I do love chocolate.

Inside this shop, I imagine cases filled with fancy treats. In the back are giant copper kettles, with employees always making something new. And of course, you can smell the divine aromas before, during, and after your visit. Oh yes!

I think I had better give you the links to these one-size-fits-most calendars so you can download and enjoy! Because now I need to go find some chocolate...

pattern // kawaii crossing sewing shop embroidery design + epp mini quilt

Golden Thimble Sewing Shop Embroidery Pattern

Embroidery fans, it's your turn to get started on the Kawaii Crossing patterns for 2020! As you may have seen already, this first design is for a happy little thimble that happens to house a sewing shop. Because every year should start with sewing and crafting and stitching of some kind, right?

Now, I have a tendency to want to do all the things in a very unrealistic sort of way. When I decided to commit to only doing the cross stitch version of each of these patterns each month, I had no idea how hard it would be to resist doing the embroidery too. There's a very real chance that I will stitch up at least a few along the way. But I'm at least trying to start the year by giving myself fewer things to work on.

Which is why you don't see an embroidered example above. In the free pattern below, you'll find the following: a color sample, the pattern, the pattern reversed, and a larger version of the pattern/reversed version. You can stitch the pattern with whatever embroidery stitches you like. I'm partial to back stitch, french knot, scallop stitch, and chain stitch for thicker lines.

The larger pattern size is for making a project idea that I'll share soon. Spoiler: It's a Kawaii Crossing banner! If you want to wait for that, it will be a week or so before I post the tutorial.

The smaller pattern size is for another EPP mini quilt!

Again, I'm not going to be stitching this up (unless I give in!), but I thought it would be fun to make a design you could use. Each embroidery pattern fits on a house shape EPP piece, then they line up to make little rows of shops with roadway pieces. The stripes on the road are a perfect way to quilt this by hand! And of course, you can make the house shapes with the embroidery any color you want. But it could be fun to make it rainbow!

As with all my patterns, be sure to print everything at 100% (or all pieces at the same percentage) so that things match up. If you have any questions, I'll do my best to help you out!

Oh, and for those who asked for the cross stitch patterns as individual charts, here's the link to download the first one! Going forward these will be posted along with the updated larger chart.

pattern // kawaii crossing golden thimble cross stitch

Kawaii Crossing Golden Thimble Cross Stitch

It's time to start stitching at Kawaii Crossing! Okay, so I've actually already been stitching, but now you can join me. And the fun begins with a free cross stitch chart. The first of 12, which really are one big pattern...

Last year I stitched (almost) all the embroidery designs and simply shared the cross stitch patterns. This year I want to stitch the cross stitch because I've really loved this needlework lately. Embroidery fans: fear not, this month's pattern is coming soon and I even have a mini quilt design you can make with EPP.

AND I have another project idea that I'll share soon that works for either the embroidery or the cross stitch patterns. I may be overly ambitious, but I can at least share how these would work, even if I can't make them all myself, right?

But back to the cross stitch. In this free download, you'll see the streets of Kawaii Crossing. They're a little bare right now, with only the Golden Thimble sewing shop along the first lane. But each month this chart will fill in a little more.

The PDF includes all the colors needed for the entire year. It also has those streets and ends so you can work ahead on those if you want. Everything else will fill in kinda like you see with the first one.

I chose natural 16-count Aida for mine, but in hindsight, I sorta wish I'd gone with something like aqua to be the sky. Originally I'd planned on white, but JoAnn Fabric and Crafts threw a wrench in that...a tale for another day. Anyway, I like the slightly smaller count, and I work with two strands for everything, including the backstitch and french knot eyes.

If you don't want to make the whole design, stitching just the thimble shop part of the pattern should be easy enough. But if it would help to have a separate PDF for each shop (like I did with the jam jars last year), please let me know!

UPDATE: Here's the sewing shop on it's own:

Okay! So that's this new pattern for you! I'm really loving where this is going and look forward to sharing each new stop in my Kawaii Crossing series this year!

project // baby yoda blanket for a guinea pig

Robe  for a Guinea Pig

In the latest episode of the Very Serious Crafts Podcast, we talked about Baby Yoda and the need for more patterns and tutorials inspired by this adorable Child. And in the midst of the conversation, we all arrived at the idea of making a little coat like the one he wears, but for my guinea pig. And well, I just had to make that happen.

The original thought was to crochet the coat, and I actually started to do that. But before I got even a full inch finished, I started to wonder if Lt. Nibbles would like it. And as I sat there crocheting, I looked down at my furry friend who was wrapped in a piece of fleece and knew that changing to a sewing project would be so much better.

Robe  for a Guinea Pig

I grabbed some fleece I had on hand, which isn't quite the colors I'd want, but it's close enough. And I sewed this simple blanket-style coat together in about 30 minutes. With "coat" in mind, I cut some slits for her arms to go through, but she HATES the holes. So while mine has them, I don't recommend it. Besides, she's just as cute all wrapped up in her blankie, while still giving off some Baby Yoda vibes.

If you have a guinea pig who needs to snuggle up like The Child, you can make these at lightspeed. And you really should. This is the way.

You will need:

Anti-pill fleece in two shades of brown
Scissors or rotary cutter/mat
Sewing machine
Needle and Thread

Robe  for a Guinea Pig

Cut a 10x15-inch rectangle of the darker brown and a 4x15-inch rectangle of the lighter brown. You could also adjust these measurements to make a blanket for a different-sized animal.

Robe  for a Guinea Pig

Fold the smaller piece in half the long way with wrong sides together. Pin the raw edges to wrong side of the larger rectangle on the long edge. Sew along the edge.

Robe  for a Guinea Pig

Fold the lighter piece over to the right side of the darker piece and pin it down. This hides the seam and makes a smooth finished edge.

Robe  for a Guinea Pig

Use a needle and thread to sew down the folded piece. You can use large running stitches that go through the dark fabric and one layer of the light fabric. My stitches were about 1/4" long. Secure the end with a knot between the layers.

Robe  for a Guinea Pig

Now you can wrap your guinea pig so they're as snug as a Baby Yoda in a rug!

Robe  for a Guinea Pig

They may not love it right away...

Robe  for a Guinea Pig

...but you can appease them with a frog (or perhaps a carrot lightsaber)!

calendar // january's kawaii crossing wallpapers

Welcome to (almost!) 2020 and a new theme for Wild Olive freebie patterns and wallpapers! I've been having so much fun planning out this year's designs, which I'm calling Kawaii Crossing. Based on an idea I had a few years ago, this happy little downtown is a mix of Sanrio, Animal Crossing, and Busy Town, all with a Wild Olive spin.

You may have seen my About the Town Stitching Club from a few years ago, and this is similar in feeling, but also a little different. In Kawaii Crossing, the shops and restaurants all look like the things they are selling! This idea also goes back to a few patterns I shared in an online class from nearly 10 years ago. Sometimes it feels like everything is coming together...

Patterns and other cuteness will be coming your way soon, but let's kick this off with some wallpapers for your digital devices!

To begin, we have the town's sewing shop! Here you'll find fabric, thread, sewing machines and lots of patterns. It's based on a store I used to go to with my mom when I was little, called The Golden Thimble. I mean, the original shop didn't look like an actual thimble, but it should have because that would be amazing. But I can still picture the rows of fabric and the drawers filled with patterns. I may also still remember being asked to stop playing with the drawers of embroidery floss, but that's a tale for another day.

For now, download and enjoy these one-size-fits-most calendars!

I am so excited about what's coming. There's stitching in more than one way, including several potential big projects. And maaaaaybe some paper crafts too! Here's to a cute new year!

project // jam jar cat toy

Kawaii Jam Jar Felt Cat Toy

Giving a jam of the month club for Christmas is a bit of a cliche, but I'd like to think that your kitty might still enjoy it if it's filled with catnip! I used the cranberry conserves embroidery pattern to create a little felt jar that's also a cat toy.

I mean, it wouldn't need to be a cat toy. You could use these to make a little ornament or a gift topper! But even furry friends like gifts at this time of year. AND it's super fun to watch your kitty play and go crazy!

The assembly is fast and easy which means you can make a whole set of jars, each in a different color or flavor!

Kawaii Jam Jar Felt Cat Toy

Here's what you need:

Felt in two colors
Embroidery floss in matching colors + black


Kawaii Jam Jar Felt Cat Toy

Cut two jar pieces and two topper pieces.

Kawaii Jam Jar Felt Cat Toy

Embroider a face on one of the jar pieces.

Kawaii Jam Jar Felt Cat Toy< Stitch around the two sides and the bottom with matching embroidery floss. Kawaii Jam Jar Felt Cat Toy

Fill the jar with catnip.

Kawaii Jam Jar Felt Cat Toy

Sandwich the top of the jar between the two topper pieces, then stitch around edges with matching embroidery floss.

Kawaii Jam Jar Felt Cat Toy

For an extra touch, use the jam color thread to stitch a line of running stitch across the topper.

Kawaii Jam Jar Felt Cat Toy

Now you can gift some jam to your kitty! If they're anything like my cat Darcy, they might just go a little crazy...

Kawaii Jam Jar Felt Cat Toy
Kawaii Jam Jar Felt Cat Toy
Kawaii Jam Jar Felt Cat Toy
Kawaii Jam Jar Felt Cat Toy

When I tried to take it away, Darcy showed off her crossed eyes, but super crazy style!

Kawaii Jam Jar Felt Cat Toy

Happy kitty catnip toy crafting!

pattern // december's jar of cranberry conserves

December Jam of the Month Club Embroidery Pattern

Twelve months of jam embroidery patterns? YES! We did it! I mean, almost. It's December and the last pattern, cranberry conserves, is here. You can now finish off your Jam of the Month embroidery and EPP (if you opted to stitch the mini quilt).

Mine isn't quite stitched yet because I also wanted to make a little cranberry conserves felt project that will be posted shortly. So once again you get a picture of my Sulky Sticky Fabri-Solvy pattern all printed and ready for me to stitch. But you also get a pattern so you can stitch yours before I even thread my needle. Hooray!

December Jam of the Month Club Embroidery Pattern

If you listen to the Very Serious Crafts Podcast, you may have heard us talk about the Train of Shame, and that's a little like what I'm sharing here now. These are my still unstitched patterns from the Jam of the Month Club. Yikes! But if you also listen to the latest episode, you'll hear what happened to my plans for making progress on the EPP portion of this.

Let's just say I'm really behind and that feels like the story of my life. I'm not going to dwell on it though.

The big question is now, will I finish or simply get distracted by my (super cute!) plans for 2020? I think we all know how this will go...

pattern // hot pepper jelly and cranberry conserves cross stitch charts

Cross Stitch Supplies

What's this? The last charts for the Jam of the Month Club cross stitch design? It's true. Today I'm sharing both November and December's designs for hot pepper jelly and cranberry conserves. You can stitch them individually or use them in the giant shelf pattern, which is also here as one large chart.

It's just in time for all the free space in your December calendar. What's that? December is super busy? Ah yes, so it is. Or so it can be! But maybe you'll find a few quiet moments to get in some stitching.

One of the things I was surprised by this year is how much I've come to enjoy doing cross stitch. I liked it in theory, but in practice, I was so slow that I lost interest partway through stitching a pattern. Now I'm loving it and wish I had worked on this version all along. Mind you, I'm behind on stitching and assembling embroidery version that I'm doing so maybe it was for the best. And hey! If you liked having a cross stitch version this year, I might do it again for 2020 and I can stitch that!

Christmas Quilt Sampler Cross Stitch Chart

Speaking of stitching, did you see this free Christmas Quilt Sampler pattern I designed for The Spruce Crafts? It's simple and modern and easy to stitch quickly. I hope you'll give it a try!

calendar // december's cranberry conserves

Whoa. How is it already December and our 12th Jam of the Month? The days flew by once again this year. It's full-on holiday mode now through the end of the year around my house, and that includes lots of cranberries! I've already cooked up two batches of cranberry sauce and soon I'll be making other seasonal treats with this classic flavor.

So for our last jam, I chose Cranberry Conserves. What are conserves? They're like a super chunky jam, which usually includes some dried fruits and nuts along with the fresh fruit. I haven't made one like this before, but I think I may just try. Here's a recipe I'm eyeing!

Ready for the last calendar of the year?

And if you're cross-stitching along and wondering if there was a November pattern...it's still coming! You'll find it here soon along with the December chart.

pattern // november's jar of hot pepper jelly

2019 November Jam of the Month Pattern

It's that time again...time for another new Jam of the Month Club pattern! This photo looks a little different than usual, and that's because I brought my stitching with me on a road trip. I was stitching along in the back seat and HAD to share a bit of my progress here with you. The embroidery for this month is all finished now, but my vacation isn't, so I'm posting it in an unfinished, but still cute state.

Happy stitching!

Want something to listen to as you stitch...or perhaps as you take a road trip of your own? There's a new episode of the Very Serious Crafts Podcast out today!