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pattern // kawaii crossing golden thimble cross stitch

Kawaii Crossing Golden Thimble Cross Stitch

It's time to start stitching at Kawaii Crossing! Okay, so I've actually already been stitching, but now you can join me. And the fun begins with a free cross stitch chart. The first of 12, which really are one big pattern...

Last year I stitched (almost) all the embroidery designs and simply shared the cross stitch patterns. This year I want to stitch the cross stitch because I've really loved this needlework lately. Embroidery fans: fear not, this month's pattern is coming soon and I even have a mini quilt design you can make with EPP.

AND I have another project idea that I'll share soon that works for either the embroidery or the cross stitch patterns. I may be overly ambitious, but I can at least share how these would work, even if I can't make them all myself, right?

But back to the cross stitch. In this free download, you'll see the streets of Kawaii Crossing. They're a little bare right now, with only the Golden Thimble sewing shop along the first lane. But each month this chart will fill in a little more.

The PDF includes all the colors needed for the entire year. It also has those streets and ends so you can work ahead on those if you want. Everything else will fill in kinda like you see with the first one.

I chose natural 16-count Aida for mine, but in hindsight, I sorta wish I'd gone with something like aqua to be the sky. Originally I'd planned on white, but JoAnn Fabric and Crafts threw a wrench in that...a tale for another day. Anyway, I like the slightly smaller count, and I work with two strands for everything, including the backstitch and french knot eyes.

If you don't want to make the whole design, stitching just the thimble shop part of the pattern should be easy enough. But if it would help to have a separate PDF for each shop (like I did with the jam jars last year), please let me know!

UPDATE: Here's the sewing shop on it's own:

Okay! So that's this new pattern for you! I'm really loving where this is going and look forward to sharing each new stop in my Kawaii Crossing series this year!


  1. This is too cute....can't wait to get started!!!! Why does it have to be so cold out...can't go craft shopping today! Well, at least I can check my stash for the colors!

  2. I would appreciate a solo of each store similar to the jellies and jams for last year. I liked being able to give a single pattern for certain people but it was really satisfying to finish the entire project too.

  3. I think I might give this a go! I, too, would love to see solo patterns, as well. While I am probably going to stitch the whole thing, I might sticth individual ones as gifts for my crafty friends. They'd even be fun adult merit badges!

    1. And, I have 2 questions:
      1) What size piece of aida cloth would I need?
      2) Would the floss colors look okay with ice blue cloth?

    2. Individual patterns are coming, as several folks asked for them!

      Now, for your questions:

      1) It depends on what size count aida you want to use. With 14-ct, the stitched design is about 10" wide by 8.6" high.

      2) Ice blue would look great!

  4. I squealed when I saw the Thimble Shop! So cute and can't wait to dig into my floss stash and see what I have. I've seen some glittery cross stitch cloth I may try using it for this project. But I am still working on last years Jam of the Month, almost finished with February. :)

    1. Trust me, I'm still working on last year too...

  5. Sorry but I can't download the pdf sewing shop cross stitch pattern. Coul d you check it please? Thank you!

    1. Thank you for letting me know! It's working now.

    2. Ok, thank you!!

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