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pattern // grape jam cross stitch chart

2019 October Grape Jam Cross Stitch Pattern

October is nearly over, but I'm squeezing in this month's free Grape Jam cross stitch chart! You can stitch this little jar on its own or add it to the Jam of the Month Club shelves that are very nearly full.

If I'm fully honest, I felt a little lost on how I wanted to present these grapes because I've tried to limit the number of floss colors in here. Another shade of violet might have changed this look, but I stuck with the simple. And just a bit of extra backstitching for the jar shaping.

When I started these cross stitch designs this year, I knew that I wouldn't have time to stitch them all, so they are only in chart form. I've been a very slow cross stitcher and a project of this scale felt far outside of my abilities. Or at least outside of my time constraints. Seriously, for all the cross stitch patterns I'd designed, I don't think of myself as a cross stitcher. Or at least, I didn't until now.

I've actually been stitching more Xs for some other designs I created and I've been LOVING it. I changed from the stabbing method to the sewing method (a topic we'll be covering in episode 22 of the Very Serious Crafts Podcast), and it's changed my whole experience. Now I have more plans for patterns, trying out patterns by other designers, and maybe even tackling the giant shelves. Or at least planning to stitch whatever I go for next year...ha!

Speaking of things that I stitched...

Happy Halloween Cross Stitch Chart

As I'm posting this, it's just a couple days before Halloween, which means you probably won't be finishing this Happy Halloween design I did for The Spruce Crafts this year. But you can still start this and have it ready for next Halloween! Of course, you may be a speed stitcher or use some sort of spooky spell that finishes things fast...and I say go for it!


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