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pattern // a noble marquise peridot for august

August Peridot Pattern

Ready to stitch another birthstone? This month we're stitching a marquise-cut peridot, and as with all the other Wild Olive Birthstone Stitching Club patterns, it's free!

Occasionally my life feels overwhelming. Does that happen to you too? The result of that overwhelm is that I work on all the things I've promised to other people and I let my own projects sit on a back burner. Sometimes I pull them off the stove entirely. And while that's sometimes the right thing to do, it creates its own problems.

To remedy this, I'm trying to work on Wild Olive projects one day a week before I work on all the rest. My commitment to all the rest means it will still get done, but hopefully, I'll make progress on my own work...which means more things to share with you too!

All of this to say, I actually stitched this month's pattern AND sewed the EPP pieces together! It feels like a huge accomplishment, even though it only took a few hours all together.

Whether you've been stitching along all year so far, or if this is your first time encountering these patterns, I hope you enjoy this one. AND I hope you share your pics with the world! Tag them #WildOliveStitchingClub so we can see.

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  1. Anonymous6:24 PM


    You go Girl! Just so you know, all your free patterns and the time that goes into them, is GREATLY appreciated by your followers.



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