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calendar // easter guinea pigs

I'm not exactly sure why, but I'm currently mega-inspired by jelly beans. You may be thinking that it's normal to be thinking about jelly beans around Easter, and you're right. But I don't exactly like this particular candy. For me, they fall somewhere between meh and ick.

But apparently Capt. Cuddles and Lt. Nibbles like them.* Maybe it's because they look a little like rainbow guinea pig poop. Maybe it's because large jelly beans look like correctly proportioned Easter eggs to them, and they can pretend that they're the Easter bunny. Maybe they were just fun to draw.

So anyway, my little piggies and I are planning some jelly bean patterns and projects this month. For a start, you can go back a few years and download a little jelly bean embroidery pattern. You'll see that my disdain for eating jelly beans is a longstanding one.

But before we jump into April, we need calendar wallpapers. Download them and add them to your device. There's just one size for computers, because it should be large enough to accommodate most screens.

*Please note: I do not actually feed my guinea pigs jelly beans.


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