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pattern // stitching thimbles on tumblers


I've finally started making some EPP tumblers. There are a few projects I'd like to make with this shape, but right now I'm super slow. So we'll see.

But as I was looking at these tumblers, some of them were turned around, and I noticed that when they are upside down...

Tumbler Thimbles

...they also look a lot like thimbles! I'm certainly not the first to spot this, but it made me think that it would be fun to make something sewing themed with thimbles stitched into the tumbler pattern. Of course, that let to this:

Tumbler Thimble Pattern

A thimble embroidery pattern that will fit perfectly on a tumbler!

Obviously you don't have to use the design in this way, but wouldn't it be cute? Maybe for a little patchwork needle book or project pouch? I'm officially calling on you to make it happen.

In the download, you'll have the embroidery motif, as well as the EPP template pieces that the pattern fits on. And if all goes as planned we'll make some more things with these little shapes.

I do love this simple shape and how it fits together!


  1. Lovely - thank you.

  2. Your mind is so full of creativity! I just love the way you think. It makes me feel happy! Thank you for another adorable pattern and template!!

  3. So pretty! Definitely trying this. Thank you!

  4. So pretty! Definitely trying this. Thank you!

  5. So pretty! Definitely trying this. Thank you!

  6. It's so very cute. Thank you x


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