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where the extra hexagons go

Mixed Hexies

When I first started making hexagons, I didn't realize how important it was to use standard sizing. I would make hexagons that looked like a size I wanted, and make enough for a project, and it all fit together just fine.

Then I realized that if I kept them standard, every extra hexagon was more usable in the future. 1/2, 5/8, 1, 1-1/2 inch hexagons are much easier than who knows what. Right?

And yet, I still keep this jar that has a mix of sizes. Some of them are standard...I can spot those 1-inch hexagons easily! Others are a mystery. But they're still fun to look at, and you never know! A project may come along that will need random hexies!

Where do you keep your extra hexagons? Do you have them better organized than I do?


  1. I have the same problem with fabric yoyos. Years ago I was making them like crazy not realizing that they were all different sizes! ha. I still have a big plastic jug of them somewhere.

  2. I just have a few extras as I usually use them all but mine are not in a cute glass jar...they are in a plastic zippy bag. I think I need to remedy that issue!:)

  3. My hexies are organized by project, and I have limited myself to only TWO of them. I have a tendency to start things and then take years to finish up! Thank you for sharing your patterns each day this month! I am very fond of the tomato! You are so very talented, Mollie :)

  4. I tend to work with either 1/6", 1/4" or 1" hexies so they are pretty easy to keep organised. Most will be made with Liberty and I always keep a good supply of the two larger sizes ready to use just in case. On ocassion I work with other fabrics but like the 1/6" hexies I only ever make enough for a specific project when I am using those. My 1/4" Liberty hexies are stored in a tiny tupperware style box and I have a triple zip pouch that holds the box and the other hexies as it is my pouch of choice for hexie projects.

  5. Anonymous10:38 PM

    Mine live in the plastic divided trays that come with Oreos. I keep 1/2"-1 1/2" hexies on hand, periodically basting them as I sort through the scrap bin. They're organized by color, and I love that I rarely have to cut and baste a ton of them for a particular project!


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