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pattern // making is the point of making

Making Quote Pattern

My mom taught me something very important as I was growing up: process, not product. Essentially, she wanted me to enjoy the process and hold onto that experience more than I cared about and held onto a finished product. It took awhile, but I've started to get it.

Okay, so sometimes I still have a hard time parting with finished items, but I have learned that not finishing something is not the end of the world. And that's an idea that jumped out at me in a post that Diane Gilleland wrote.

She writes: "I think many of us put pressure on ourselves to finish every project we start, as if finishing were the whole point of making. It isn’t! Making is the point of making."

And with that, I knew that I had a new favorite expression. Making is the point of making. I need these words close at hand and I think we need to share these words with each other to encourage each other as we make.

Diane gave me permission to make it into a pattern, and I've just started my stitching. Will it ever become a finished something? I don't know. But I'll stitch it and enjoy the process.

And since it's June 30, it's time for the last of the Hexagon Tinies. This one is also part of the pattern above, because it felt like a perfect connection...especially for Diane and her newest book on EPP!

I hope you've enjoyed the Hexagon Tinies, and as you stitch and them online, be sure to tag me! I'm @molliejohanson on Twitter and Instagram, or you can use #HexagonTinies.


  1. Anonymous8:57 AM

    How spooky - I literally, just today wrote this on my blog:

    The main thing to remember with any stitching project is to keep it fun. It is a hobby after all. I’m an “enjoy the journey rather than the end destination” kind of gal and that applies to the majority of my craft projects too. I have bundles of knitted clothes that I never wear but immensely enjoyed knitting and the same looks set with my embroidered projects – this will become a cushion cover one day but where it gets displayed is yet to be decided, my main aim with this project is to enjoy it as I go

    Glad to hear I'm not the only crafter who thinks like this! When you think of all the many hours we put into our craft projects, surely the most important thing about them is that we enjoy them as we go?!

  2. Anonymous9:04 AM

    Thanks so much for the adorable 30 tiny patterns, Mollie! I know I will enjoy the process of stitching them. ;)

  3. That's an interesting thought. I know for me sometimes I start a project and all I think about is how awesome the end product will be, but I do enjoy the process too, especially cross stitch. I love nothing more than putting on a nice podcast in the evening and unwinding whilst stitching, it helps my brain switch off too so I'm nice and calm when I go to bed!

  4. I've enjoyed this month of hexie tinies so much, waiting each day to see what cute pattern you came up with. It was like a gift every day. It's a little sad to see it end. Thank you so much for making the patterns to share with everyone:) It has been fun:)

  5. Hey, Mollie! I'm Tess from Two Peas in a Pod, my blog with my sister, Lila. So, we've had this blog for a while, and...no one really goes to the blog except for us. We put you as one of our favorite blogs on the sidebar, and we were wondering if you could somehow support us or help us get subscribers. P.S. we love you :)

  6. Hello there! I have so enjoyed this month of tinies! I'm thinking they will be so cute on the centers on my Grandmothers Flower Garden quilt. I only need 20 more flowers! The patterns are precious and fun! Thank you! Two Peas in a Pod - I'm headed over to your blog! Take good care!

  7. Hey Mollie! I wanted to say THANK YOU for ALL the Hexagon Tinies patterns this month. Everyone one of them was beyond cute!! I loved coming to your blog everyday to see which one would be next. I can't even choose a favorite because I love them all so much. It's just so kind of you to always be sharing and thinking of all your readers. Again, thank you!!

  8. Lucky you! You have a great Mom. Mine was so focused on the "prize" she never enjoyed anything. Unless you count all her bitchin - "Oh, you scored 102 on that test with extra credit. Why didn't you score all 105 points?" [Little Becky hangs her head in shame.]

    It's took me a very long time to let go and just "make." Grown up Becky can enjoy the process. Put something aside and go back to it. Or not.

    Thank you for all the adorable patterns!

    1. My mom has a bit of hippy in her (whether she'd admit that or not!) and we lean towards "unschooling" (homeschooling with less structure), so I suppose this philosophy was inevitable. It truly took me a long time to embrace it...I tend to want to get things perfect, and I'm hard on myself when they aren't. Now I've learned what a blessing it is.

      I'm so glad that your experience has brought you to a place of enjoying the process, and I hope you can pass that along to others.

  9. Thank you for sharing this! I've taken embroidery and cross stitch as a new hobby after sewing for about 8 years. I absolutely adore embroidery as it's so versatile. But, when I finish a project, I keep trying to find a new project to replace it. The point of making is making! I actually get kinda sad when a stitched project is finished, lol :)


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