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pattern // hexagon tinies hot dog

True story: I once went to a baseball game and had fancy seats where all the food you wanted was included. There was an incredible buffet, and amazing desserts, but the part that I remember more than anything was that while you were in the seats, if you wanted a hot dog, they would just throw one to you. I mean, it was all wrapped and everything, but yeah. Flying hot dogs.

So here! Have a hot dog!


  1. Don't know what I love more - the hot dog or the story! :)

  2. Every time I log in to check my blogs your little sketches/embroidery patterns make me giggle! They are just so cute, I love your style.

    And someone tossing me a hot dog anytime I wanted it would pretty much be heaven haha! I don't eat them often but sometimes they just hit the spot, such as at sporting events. What a fun story :)

  3. Same here knitting bean! Who wants fancy food at a baseball game!
    Thanks for the hot dog!

  4. Sorry, but I find that smiley face (?) really (?) that appears on everything you do--really corny. I guess you must think it's cute but I think it ruins the designs to stick it on.
    What's the story?

    1. I think it's the cutest thing! I'm a big fan of "kawaii" style artwork and such, and this is my version of that. It's just my style, and I know it isn't for everyone. Sometimes folks use my patterns and just leave off the face.

      I'm okay with being a little corny...it's probably a good description of my personality too!

  5. I love the smiley faces! I think they go with the aesthetic of these designs. There are some other styles they may not be compatible with, but they actually make me smile when I see them :)


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