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calendar // the printed january edition

I mistakenly thought that I didn't need to make a printable version of the calendars this year. Let's fix that, okay?

This year the printable calendars will look a little different, but I hope they'll be a bit more useful. If you have a little one who likes to trace the numbers, they are faded and still traceable. But if you would like to be able to write a note, you can do that too! Write right over the numbers for particular dates, or add some notes to the bottom.

And don't worry. Next month I'll have this ready for you on the 1st, right along with the digital wallpapers.


  1. So Sweet....thanks for your generousity.

  2. I think my preschooler would love to trace numbers! Thank you

  3. Oh, I love it! This is perfect to stick on the fridge!

  4. Pretty. Thank you!!!

  5. Love your calendars Mollie...hope you're making a lovely February one too! :)


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