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calendar // circling january

Happy New Year! I gotta tell ya, I'm excited to start something new. Even if I don't entirely know what that new will be, I'm ready.

What I do know is that through these next 12 months, I'll be playing with shapes and finding ways to work them into my craft. I chose circles for January because they remind me of snowballs! Watch for more circley things coming soon.

Ready to circle around this new month? This new year? Let's start with some wallpaper!

To use the iPhone and iPad versions, click the link for the wallpaper you want. When it opens, touch and hold the image until it pops up with the option to save. After you've saved the image, go to your settings, choose wallpaper, then find the image you've just saved.

Right now I only have the digital wallpapers, but I may still add a printable version if you're interested. Oh, and the iPhone version is optimized for iPhone 6, but should still work for other phones, and if you have an iPhone 6+, choose the iPad version.

May your new year be filled with refreshment, less pressure, and new things happening in your life!


  1. Do you have a calendar for this month? I just see wallpapers, or am I missing it?

    1. I don't have a printable calendar yet, as I'm unsure of the demand. It may still happen!

  2. Thank you so much, I love what you share

  3. I usually print out three, one for work and two for home. I love them!

  4. Yes please add the printable version... me and a co-worker print them out every month! We just love them! :)

    Thank you so much for always doing these, they are great.
    Happy New Year!

  5. Anonymous2:11 PM

    Love your desktops so much!!! Thanks a lot!

  6. Anonymous5:59 PM

    I would love a printable version!!

  7. Thanks! I love the "snowballs" and the calendar will be handy for quick reference on my ipad.

  8. Yes! My 5 year old loves the printable version. He just asked if there was one for January.

  9. It looks adorable, I love circles.

    I hope you have a really amazing 2015! :D

  10. Thank you for the cute wall paper. My computer screen is looking much better now! :)


I often reply to comments in the comments...check back if you have a question!