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finding free patterns on craftsy

Finding new embroidery patterns is always fun. I honestly think that there will never be an end to the designs that people come up with to stitch. Hopefully there will never be an end to the patterns that I come up with too, because I don't plan on retiring from stitching any time soon!

What's even more fun than discovering a new (or a new-to-you) pattern is when that pattern is free. I happen to know that you all like free patterns, right? I also happen to know that Craftsy is a great source for finding free patterns. Actually, they're a great source for finding patterns, period.

The patterns are from indie designers, and I applaud Craftsy for promoting individuals and making it easy to share patterns with the world.

I just added my free Tasty Paste mini embroidery pattern to their site, and it's now among the many, many downloadable designs you can choose from. Here are a few of my favorites:


How sweet is this little bunny on a bicycle?


The different stitches used on this simple Christmas tree make it spectacular!


Kate Anevski's patterns always make me happy, and who can resist some Roy G. Biv?


I don't do much cross-stitch, but every time I see someone working on these advent animals, I think I need to get counting my stitches!

To find these, I'm sending you on a little treasure hunt! Hop on over to Craftsy, sign up or sign in, then search for what you see in these pattern pics. I promise you that you'll not only find my choices, but a whole lot more!

And in addition to their embroidery patterns, they have patterns for quilting, sewing, knitting, crocheting, and the list goes on. Actually, every time I start looking I find new patterns to add to my collection.

I'm sure you will too, so go explore Craftsy's patterns!

This post was sponsored by Craftsy, but the words and thoughts are all mine.


  1. <3 the Christmas Tree!! So CUTE!!

  2. I love free! I have way more patterns than I think I will ever get around to finishing but I love the inspiration of looking at new ones!

  3. Anonymous11:12 AM

    I do like the Christmas tree, it is similar to a project that I finished (embroidering) back in august. I started it last October, but it came from a pattern that was from the 1880's I think. I organized four of the tree patterns in groups of seven. One tallest in the middle, three others getting shorter on either side in 16 groups, totaling 112 trees (with ornaments) along the edge of a tree skirt. I still have to hem the edge of the skirt (procrastination), but I expect that our tree will not be unhappy with it. :-)


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