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color combos: folk inspired

Folk Colors

You may remember that I chose a grouping of colors based on the apron we recently got at World Market. Once I had a bigger palette, I wanted to break it into smaller combinations because it's what I do. I love playing with these colors! Enjoy!

Fancy Mittens

This one is called Fancy Mittens. Why? Because it's the colors I used for the mitten on this month's wallpaper!

True Love

True Love was created with Valentine's Day in mind. (You can expect to see these colors show up here in February!)

Winter Holiday

Christmas Holiday

Here are two combos that are similar, but by switching the greens and reds they have very different feelings. I've called the top one Winter Holiday and the bottom, Christmas Holiday. These aren't late for Christmas 2012, they are early for 2013 and all your gift stitching that you're already planning. Right?

Fresh Blooms

Finally, we have Fresh Blooms. I like that the colors in the Folk Palette can span the seasons, and these flowery shades give me hope of spring.

Now the question is...what to stitch first?

1 comment:

  1. oh, such pretty colors. thanks for pairing them in wonderful bunches...now i'm going to have to buy all these sets...so yummy!


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