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color palette: folk


Remember the apron that has me all inspired? I chose some colors of DMC embroidery floss to accompany the things that I'm making in the style of this apron. I've been enjoying putting it together in smaller combinations, which I'll share soon, but for now here's the whole palette!

The colors in the photo are a bit bolder than the real deal, but in photos or in person, I think they're quite a combination and I want to use them on all kinds of things. Here's the DMC numbers:

815, 321, 3712, 3854, 3347, 904, 500, 3760, 3813, ECRU

And just for fun, here's an iPad pic that I took while finding the colors:

Choosing colors

There was lots of trying different shades against the apron, then looking at them all together, separately, switching things around, and it was all around lovely.


  1. OOOOH we can't wait!

  2. I love so much that you do groupings of the floss...i can't tell you how many times i see your posts and go running out to buy the grouping that you show. thank you for doing those posts...it helps to see the colors you've put together (so much better than what I choose).


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