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signature colors

full palette
One of my goals for the year was to create a signature color palette. Back in February, I chose colors, and have been working primarily within those 23 colors. But when it came to choosing floss colors, I never actually decided on the shades that I wanted to be using.
colors - full
Yesterday my sister and I sorted through all of my floss, and found the colors that were just right. I'm proud to say that when I imported the photos and placed my color samples (from February) over them, they are a near perfect match! I think I've gotten to know these shades!

This is what each grouping of colors looks like, along with their DMC numbers:
colors - light
colors - bright
colors - deep


  1. Absolutely love your choice!!!

  2. i love the colors you've chosen here. I use medium to dark brown a lot...which is your favorite floss color in that shade?

  3. Kris, I usually use DMC 838 and 839

  4. These are absolutely cute! Awesome pick!

  5. great colors! I look forward to a time when I can define a signature palette; I have been embroidering (again) for less than a year, so I am still experimenting at this point. Thanks for sharing ~ you are so inspiring!

  6. I use to make friendship bracelets out of this stuff. You're making me miss my collection of beautiful thread! That first pastel palette is my fave.

    ♥ sécia

  7. What a wonderful idea. I tend to use the same color groupings but I have never thought about putting together a signature palette. You are so clever.

  8. really nice choice of colours and they all work so well together, glad you found your palette! looking forward to seeing more of your work!!

  9. Beautiful colors ... thanks for posting the colors! I will have to stitch up some projects using the "Wild Olive Color Palette"!! :)

  10. These make me happpppy! :)

  11. love the second color combo :)


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