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forming a color palette

One of my goals for this year was to create a signature color palette. And I'm happy to say that I have my colors chosen! I started out with a few colors that I love, and added on, considering the types of things that I work on, and what types of hues I would need. This was my first grouping:
The brights are my favorites. I just love their springy-ness. I can see using these in a lot of ways. Essentially, it's a rainbow, but in specific tints. But there are still plenty of times when these wouldn't work. So I took this palette and made two more:
Now I've got three separate palettes to work with, and each has its own character and feel. I love that. But here's the best part. Because these additional palettes are based on the original, you can put them all together:
full palette
Yes! 23 colors and I can mix and match them as I need. I do almost all of my work in Adobe Illustrator, so I created the palettes there, and saved them so that I can pull up my new signature colors any time. Now my next step is to get an accurate print of these, and go find all of the DMC floss colors to match!

Oh, and I'm still keeping myself open. If something comes up that needs a different color, I can use it. Or if I find that I need to adjust some of these, I'll do it. But having this guide to work within is so wonderful.

What do you think? Did I choose the right colors for "me"?


  1. great colors! I think they are very YOU!

  2. I've just "met" you - so I'm not sure if these are your colors - but I can tell you they are GORGEOUS! I've been so envious of folks like yourself that have such a great eye for color. These colors blend so well and are so perfect together. Great, great choices!!

  3. ooh. love them. i love playing with colors and think that you're chosen GREAT colors. Bravo!

  4. Fantastic choices, they go really well together and I think they're a perfect fit :)

  5. I'm impressed, they're stunning together! Me, I need to break out of my many-years-running standard of nothing but cool colors and earthtones.

  6. Anonymous3:43 PM

    These are lovely colors!!! Please keep us posted on the DMC matches you find! ;-)

  7. oh wow, this is neat! I've never thought about a color pallet. Such a great idea. It's got a lot of mix & matching you can do. So great.

  8. Oh, I love them!! :) I should totally do the same, for myself - I always end up choosing the exact same shades of my oft-used favorite colors, it'd be so much easier to have them in one spot! lol. Can't wait to see them in action!


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