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family week: danielson

A few years ago, I mentioned watching Danielson: A Famile Movie (do I stand by that review? yes and no). Last night (so exciting!) I was able to see Danielson live in Chicago. There are so many wonderful things I could say about this band, but this is Family Week, so let me tell you something about how family is a part of Danielson.
First, the band started with all family members. Over time, that has changed here and there, but the family still works together on most projects. Even the little kids get to sing, and it's with those songs that my heart is especially touched.

Last night, Daniel told of a game they play at their house. Two times a day, Daniel, his wife Elin, and their kids take 60 seconds to tell what they like, what they are grateful for, what they are feeling in that moment. Nothing from the past, nothing in the future. Just that moment. He said the kids do better than the grown-ups and I believe it!

So there I was, in the hall of a bar (not my typical place to hang out!), listening to someone sing about Jesus calling the children to Him, and talk about their family, and I found it to be quite timely.

Now, what are you happy about or feeling in this moment? You have 60 seconds...go!


  1. I am happy you got to see the show!

    I am happy hanging out in my PJ's playing guitar by the fireplace.

    I am happy watching my 3 girls pick fruit from our fruit trees.

    I am happy for "family."

    Love, Rachel

  2. I am happy that I found out early that my dog is sick and is being treated.

  3. Anonymous8:54 PM

    I'm actually feeling a little lost; I have so many dreams that don't line up with reality, and I'm stuck between where I am and what I want. I trust that God is always leading me and that my life brings Him glory, but some days, I just want to be doing a little more with what I've been given.


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