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all in the famile...

Last night my sister and I convinced the parents to watch "Danielson: A Family Movie" with us. Wow. What a great movie. This documentary is about Daniel Smith and his musical journey. Danielson Famile's music is truly unique...outrageous even...and filled with the fantastic message of Jesus.

While I admit that my taste in music style is different than that of Danielson, the life that Smith and his family live energizes me. They are doing something about what they believe in, listening to God's call and following His lead. How refreshing is that?

Along the way the film shows their friend, Sufjan Stevens, joining in, and going on to great things. His style is more my thing...makes me want to cry...in a good way. And speaking of Sufjan, his is the only Christmas music that is acceptable to play early.

Now, see if you can get your hands on a copy of "Danielson: A Family Movie." It's good for a laugh, but also for getting some thoughts going about what you're doing about what you believe.


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