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fun from internetland...

While exploring Internetland this week, I came across some fun things. In the past, I've tried just posting them as I find them, but they can get lost that way. So here are a few that I've collected:

I have a think for coffee cuffs, and this one for a handle-less mug is so great.

Thankfully, I have more floss than I know what to use it for, and not enough cash, otherwise I would be tempted to buy this box of lovely.

We have a lot of too-small cute socks around here, so I'll definitely be making some of these sweet owls.

An embroidered watch? Yes please. (hmm...could I make something like this?)

Draw! Pilgrim is a new to me blog with lots of pretty things to share.

What fun things have you seen this week?


  1. Those owls are SO cute! I'll have to try to make some. :)

  2. Anonymous3:47 PM

    Yes, Mollie, you COULD make one of those watches! It would not be too difficult!


  3. Anonymous9:49 PM

    I liked the mug warmers!!

    I went to Purl SOHO last month. I had my hubby and our friends on the hunt for this store. It is a very small store. No one greeted us and no one asked if we needed anything. I asked a gal about some floss and she didn't know....So my experience with Purl was not a good one! Bummer!

  4. Those watches are adorable! I haven't seen much on the web as the week's been too busy to play here. In 3D land I saw a baby bunny sleeping in my rock garden, a tree frog stuck to my screen and a bunch of cute kids frolicking in my home!

  5. Thanks for the link to my mug cosy :)


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