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around the house stripes...

It's Thursday! And I have pictures of stripes! I thought it would be fun to take my camera around the house, and just find the stripes that I'm surrounded by. There were lots, so you can find more of them on Flickr...

striped sheets

(of course I sleep on striped sheets!)

striped walls

(my sister's walls)

striped ship

(gotta love some pirate stripes...)

YIP2010 - 238

(my favorite find...striped paper, circa 1983!)

Oh, and these stripes are made possible by a healthy computer. I have Mike from SaveMyButt.com to thank...he knows his stuff AND he's a really nice guy.


  1. Hi! i found your blog and is really lovely :) i made some ¿book marks? to sell in a store and now i see those that you made and i don't like mines :) the bacon one is awsome!

  2. Circa 1983???? Puh-leeze. I used this paper in the 2nd grade, and that was 1961, my dear. I'm sure the paper has been around longer even than I have. Your blog is cute, but your youth is showing.

  3. Thank you for that, Barbara! I think the thing that surprised me was that this particular sheet, with my early writing practice, was still floating around the house after 27 years...my mom never keeps stuff like this!


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