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fruity cuties...

I may be really behind in finding these, but oh my! The Fruity Cuties are soooo adorable! Of course, Olive. R. Twist would be something I would be drawn to, but everything they have on their site is super sweet.

And are you ready to see how I found them? It was because I came across this cake.

Side note: I've found myself using the word "super" a lot lately. Still deciding if that needs to be fixed, or if it's super okay.


  1. I'm feeling a little bit overwhelmed by all this facey-food. That cake....I've never seen anything quite as wonderful as that cake....

  2. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Mollie, I use the word "cute" a lot!!

  3. Haha cute! (Keep using super! It's a great word.)

  4. I enjoy the word "super"--a little more genuine and less dated than "awesome" but conveys the same feeling. I'd say to keep right on using it, if only so I won't be the only one. :)


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