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portable ironing...

A very long time ago, my grandpa constructed a built-in ironing board at our house. It's right there in the wall, with a door that opens and the board folds down. It's really nice, and is MUCH more sturdy than the free-standing kind. But what about if you need to iron in a different place?

For crafting, I like to be able to be in other parts of the house sometimes, especially when natural light (for photos) is needed. Small ironing boards are very handy, but still a little bulky. Look at what my dad made me:

best idea ever

These are just small boards that are covered with some padding and a couple layers of muslin. They are the best! I can take them anywhere. And I can work on a table or on the floor (as I often do).

h and m

YIP2010 - 198

Today I used them while fusing plastic bags. Not only did I have natural light for pictures, but I could also be closer to fresh air. A serious plus, as these bags were especially smelly!


  1. What is used for the padding?

  2. It's just high-loft quilt batting. Or you could you a couple layers of low-loft.

  3. Great, thanks! This is perfect timing because I just hauled a huge fabric collection, my sewing machine and tools to a temporary location but I didn't want to haul the ironing board. So just this afternoon I was thinking I needed a little small portable one and actually, the square one you show would be perfect for me anyway!

  4. I've been kicking myself for throwing out my little portable one years ago. This is such a better idea! What a sweet dad! Thanks for the idea. Now to find some wood boards.

  5. what a great idea!!! I sure will do that too =)

  6. This is an awesome idea ! It would be great for my dorm room at college because I was always having trouble ironing in the small space.

    What do you use the plastic bags for?

  7. Oh wow! What a good idea! I shall try and make these I think!

  8. this is SUCH a greeat idea! i want to try this for sure :)

  9. This is a great idea. I've been wanting to buy those portable pressing board, but they are soooo expensive! Is it heavy to carry around?
    Thanks for sharing


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