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taking a breath...

Things I have been doing lately:

Listening to piano music on iTunes radio, and Twenty-Two (a free song from eMusic).

Working on some very blah things.

Mending Tinker Bell's wing with packing tape.

Looking longingly at projects that I want to stitch.

Enjoying reading Unhappy Hipsters.

Wearing my hair in a twist that I like (but that makes my head itch).

Ripping out stitches on my jumbo granny square blanket, because I ran out of a color. That's discontinued.

YIP2010 - 039

Things I am going to do this week:

Get my latest idea going, involving the trunk above.

Finish up things for my upcoming shop update (there is a LOT left to do).

Try out a printable valentine idea that hopefully I'll be able to share.

Decide what to put on a 16x20" canvas print that I can have made FREE!

Make a gift for my brother's 16th birthday on Monday.

Buy new software for my computer.

Blog every day (and hope that you don't mind reading what I have to share).


  1. A friend just told me about Unhappy Hipsters today. I LOVE that place!

    Good luck with your trunk and God bless if it involves decoupaging. I had a 1 day project that took a week!

    Love your blog!

  2. Anonymous10:16 PM

    Oooh, I am always intrigued by projects involving trunks.

    Of course we don't mind--that is why we are here! I am going to have a very busy and stress filled week, so it will be wonderful to come home and read your lovely blog every night. I probably don't comment enough, but I do love your little corner of the internet, as it were. :D Hope you have a good week!
    ~Christine H.

  3. It will be interesting to see what creative and cute something you do with the trunk! Keep us posted!

  4. Aren't all hipsters unhappy? I thought that was par for the course? lol. You are a busy lil' bee! I hope you have time to start a new SF session,always love having your added creative genius.


    Miss B


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