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melting chocolate...

YIP2010 - 041

For the longest time, I was unable to melt chocolate. Seriously. I messed it up every time. Generally, I scorched it, but I think there were other things going with it as well.

At last, I watched an Alton Brown episode on chocolate, and it changed everything. OK, so getting used to the process of using a double-boiler helped too. (Now I'm even okay melting chocolate in the microwave...woo hoo!)


Anyway, I've been doing some chocolate melting lately. With these pretzels I made tonight. (yum...) And with some popcorn a few nights ago. (I got the idea here, but substituted craisins for the m&ms, and used vanilla almond bark. again...yum.)

Thank goodness this melting business is no longer an issue!

What cooking/baking techniques allude you? What have you managed to master?


  1. Melting chocolate, I'm OK with but I cannot for the life of me make scrambled eggs. They always look dry & shredded instead of light & fluffy--appetizing, right?

    These pretzels look yummy and very Valentiney!

  2. Jessica - I make my scrambled eggs with no seasoning (adding salt makes them tough), then melt a LOT of butter in a saucepan, turn the heat right down and cook the eggs really really slowly, stirring, until they are just done. Yum.

    But can I boil new potatoes? Nope. They are either rock hard and crunchy in the middle, or fall to bits. I blame the potato varieties.

    Off to buy some pretzels now ...

  3. I always mess up when trying to bake bread. I think I've managed once to make a loaf that actually rose. And now my daughter can't have wheat, so I'm waiting awhile before I see if I can manage glueten free baking at all.

  4. Eggs: At Paula Deen's suggestion, we add a bit of water (not milk) to the eggs...much fluffier.

    Potatoes: I always have to search the internet for recommended method for this. I usually look for how Martha Stewart does it!

    Bread: My grandma taught me this when I was little, but then I forgot, and started making bad bread. I climbed back on the horse with pizza dough, and am doing better. Gluten free? Never tried it, but go for it...I'm sure with a bit of trial and error, and some internet tips, you'll be able to do it!


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