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help me name them...

YIP2010 - 034

This week was a productive one for me. I got some new patterns/illustrations drawn up, and now I just need to come up with sweet little names for them. Some already have names, like Excited Egg, Pleasant Flower Pot, Troubled Traffic Cone, and Mixed-Up Map. But there are a lot more that are still nameless.

Over on Facebook I've asked for a bit of help in naming these new characters. If you like coming up with ideas, stop by the Wild Olive page, and lend a hand today!


  1. I am really loving your traffic ones ... you can bet I will be getting those from your shop once they are listed! :) My 4-year old loves traffic signs, traffic lights, cars, etc .... you should see his room! Your patterns sound like a cute idea for some pillowcases for him :)

  2. Oh I wish I could see them but I don't Facebook ... I guess I'll have to wait :-(


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